100% Grass-Fed Beef and Organs on the GO

Finally, organs that actually taste amazing.


Organs that taste amazing

We went through 50+ formula updates to create the impossible: organs that taste delicious.

100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished

Regeneratively raised beef, never given any hormones or antibiotics.

Protein, Vitamin & Mineral-Rich

Each pack has 64+ grams of protein and packed with Vitamin A, B12, iron, and CoQ10 and more via nature's multivitamins: heart and liver.

Zero Questionable Ingredients

100% grass-fed beef, heart, liver, salt, and vinegar, all stuffed in a beef collagen casing. That's it!

Lineage Provisions
Traditional Jerky
Quality of Meat
100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished
May Vary
Organ Meat Content
Rich in Nutrient-Dense Heart and Liver
Added Sugars
Commonly added
Artificial Preservatives
Commonly added
Delicious, Organs Skillfully Hidden
Varies, Can Be Overly Salty
How it's dried
Air Dried

We're Reviving Ancestral Nutrition for Today's World

Dr. Paul Saladino, MD
Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC

It is almost impossible to trust anything that comes in a package. From weird stabilizers, fillers, preservatives, and processing aids to low-quality ingredients, seed oils, and over processing, there are few options for on-the-go snacks that truly add to your health.

At Lineage, we're on a mission to provide you with nourishing, nutrient-dense real food ingredients that honor our ancestral roots and promote regenerative agriculture practices.

Our first product is what we wanted to exist for ourselves, our friends, family, and all of those we love: an easy and delicious way to get meat and organs on-the-go.

We use the age-old method of air-drying to align with ancestral meat preservation, maintaining the nutrients and critical enzymes while showcasing exceptional flavor of 100% grass-fed meat in our meat and organ sticks.

Our founders, Anthony Gustin, DC and Paul Saladino, MD, are committed to the power of real food nutrition, principles of regenerative farming, nutrient-rich ingredients, and exceptional flavor. Their dedication has led to the creation of Lineage Provisions—a tasty and convenient way to fuel your body on-the-go with the purest and most nourishing ingredients available.

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Rave Reviews from The World's Best

  • Now I can get even more nutrients, and as a parent this makes it that much easier to help my kids get more nutrients too!

    <em>Ben</em> Patrick, KneesOverToesGuy
    Ben Patrick, KneesOverToesGuy
  • I made these meat sticks for myself, my family, my friends, and those who follow my stuff online. I wanted an easy way to get organs while I’m traveling, surfing, on road trips, and give them to my niece and nephew as a snack. I'm so proud of what we've built.

    <em>Paul</em> Saladino MD
    Paul Saladino MD
  • Liver and heart are such nutrient-rich foods, and they’re so valuable for me in my diet. I love the convenience of Lineage meat sticks to get these organs in my diet.

    <em>Georges</em> St-Pierre, UFC Hall of Fame Fighter
    Georges St-Pierre, UFC Hall of Fame Fighter
  • Lineage Provisions makes the only meat sticks I will eat. I trust the ingredients and love the flavor.

    <em>Chris</em> Kresser L.Ac
    Chris Kresser L.Ac
  • My husband and I love these. I'm a huge advocate for the importance of red meat and high quality protein, and this makes it so much easier for us with our busy lives. Tastes amazing, thank you Paul!

    Dr. <em>Gabrielle</em> Lyon
    Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Timeless taste, ancestral nutrition.

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